Main Attractions and Sights of Danang

Cham Museum is one of the city’s three museums, its collections focusing on religious artefacts from Cham culture. Cham was a Hindu civilization, which thrived in the area of Vietnam and part of modern Cambodia from the 5th to the 17th century.

The museum features some fascinating displays on Cham sculpture and other art crafts, including even whole altars retrieved from nearby archaeological sites. Guided tours are available.

Danang’s second museum is no other than Ho Chi Minh Museum. The four halls of the main museum are dedicated to the Vietnamese leader’s life, while the complex also includes a replica of his house in Hanoi, an outdoor display of military vehicles and a small aquarium. If you are interested in vintage military equipment, you can also pay a visit to The Museum of the 5th Military Zone.

The city also features three religious landmarks: Cao Dai Temple, Danang Cathedral and Phap Lam Pagoda. Cao Dai Temple is the second largest of its kind in Vietnam, with prayers taking place four times a day. Danang Cathedral was built to serve the French Christians and is still in use by the city’s catholic community. The pagoda features three large Buddha statues in the courtyard and a golden Buddha inside the temple.

Around Danang
Marble Mountains is a group of mountains a few kilometres south of Danang, including Mountain of Earth, Mountain of Wood, Mountain of Water, Mountain of Fire and Mountain of Metal. The site features excellent natural scenery and several scenic Buddhist temples hidden in the mountains’ caves. A popular day excursion from Danang, it is also famous with the locals, who come to pray in the cave-temples.

At the foot of Marble Mountains, spreads Non Nuoc Beach, which is famous for its ideal-for-surfing waves. Five kilometres to the north you will find My Khe Beach. Brand-new luxury hotels have started to rise around the beach, which slowly transforms into a dazzling holiday resort. Other well-known beaches of the nearby area include Bac My An Beach and Lang Co Beach.

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