Main Attractions and Sights in Tan An

Tan An was a key military town during the Vietnamese war, and it has ‘monuments’ from that time, including the base camp that, after the war, was taken over by South Vietnamese Army.

Another relic from the war is the Tan An air base. Note that these places are not tourist attractions in the sense that tourists are admitted into them. You can, however, see them from afar, and given the terrain they are in, you start getting an idea as to what the young Americans who were sent to Vietnamese war went through.

Another thing you have to do while in Tan An is sample the local Vietnamese cuisine, and hence get a chance to understand what fascinates visitors so much about it. You will also discover that Vietnamese cuisine varies from one part of the country to the other: and that some of the delicacies you can have at a place like Tan An would be hard to find in a place like, say, Ho Chi Minh. Besides the food itself, you will also love the manner in which it is served.

Tan An is one place where the traditional Vietnamese architecture stands side by side with pieces that are representative of the best of modern architecture. To be sure though, the modern pieces of architecture in Tan An are fast replacing the traditional architectural vestiges. All in all, you will find yourself being fascinated by some of the old and new buildings in Tan An. You will also love the orderliness of the city, and when you come to think of it, you will realize that Tan An is actually one of the most orderly cities: both in terms of it is built and in terms of how conscientiously things are done around here.

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