Main Attractions and Sights in Hanoi

Occupying a hybrid of colonial and Chinese architecture, the National Museum of Vietnamese History features fascinating collections which cover all periods of Vietnamese history, from 3rd century BC to the era of the communist party.

Superb artefacts from the Khmer civilization and some sparkling imperial jewellery should not be missed. For a most complete experience of the Vietnamese culture, also visit Vietnam Museum of Ethnology, where you will be introduced to the country’s minority tribes through exhibitions on local crafts, utensils and even tribal house replicas.

A grand monument of socialist architecture, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum houses the body of the famous Vietnamese communist leader. Visitors need to be modestly dressed and leave their belongings at the gate to order to enter the main building. The mausoleum is closed for two months every autumn, when Ho Chi Minh’s body is send to Russia for preservation.

Next to the mausoleum stands the Presidential Palace, an exquisite example of colonial architecture. Built by the French, it is now used for official receptions of the Vietnamese state

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