Main Attractions and Sights in Dalat

Featuring colonial architecture with Art Deco elements, the Summer Palace was the summer retreat of Bao Dai and his family during 20th century. Bao Dai was Vietnam’s last emperor, king of the French protectorate of Annam and president of South Vietnam until 1955.

The palace is pretty much left the way it was during the time it accommodated the royal family. Visitors can see the original furniture, busts of royal members and photographs of the royal family on the fire place. For a small fee you can even dress like an emperor and have your picture taken at throne replica!

Lam Dong Museum features interesting collections focusing on the area’s history and the culture of the city’s many hill tribes. The ground floor houses exhibitions of artefacts, crafts and traditional costumes from the different minorities. On the upper floor you will find a display on the city’s history.

Dalat is known for its gorgeous hydrangeas, which the city exports to all over Vietnam. Take a break from sight-seeing for a relaxing stroll in Dalat Flower Gardens. The gardens feature lovely hydrangeas and a vast variety of other colourful flowers, as well as animal-shape trimmed bushes and flower installations which resemble swans and other creatures. Sculptures are hidden among lush greenery, while carriage rides are popular with local couples.

Leaving the Flower Gardens follow the nearby path, which runs around the perimeter of Xuan Huong Lake. The lake was created by the establishment of a nearby dam during early 20th century. Today the Vietnamese come here to enjoy a peaceful walk by the lake’s shores or ride one of the swan-shaped paddle boats.

Funnily enough, one of the city’s most popular attractions is a guest house. Hang Nga Guesthouse was designed by celebrated architect Dang Viet Nga, who was deeply influenced by the works of famous Catalan architect Antony Gaudi. The structure resembles a giant Bayan tree, while the interior features a maze of corridors and stairways. The guesthouse offers only 10 rooms but non guests are welcome to explore surrealistic interiors as well.

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