Main Attractions and Sights in Can Tho

One of the most fantastic things you can do while in Can Tho is to pay a visit to the floating markets. These include Cai Rang, Phong Dien, Tra On and Phung Hiep. To visit these markets, you will probably have to use a boat and sailing on the river is great fun by itself, besides the opportunities for shopping available at the markets.

While in Can Tho, you will also want to see some of the Buddhist Pagodas, and see what the great deal about them is. You definitely will be fascinated by the likes of the Buu Tri Pagoda, the Quang Duc Pagoda and Munirangsyaram’s Khmer Pagoda.

You will also want to sample the local Vietnamese cuisine before you leave Can Tho. It won’t be a bad idea either to sample the Vietnamese concept of musical entertainment, at the rather loud Entertainment Park Luu Huu Phuoc. Neither will it be a bad idea to have a panoramic view of this beautiful city especially in the evening (against the soothing breeze), on the Nguyen Trai Bridge.

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