Introduction to Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet is a coastal city in Vietnam. It is also, increasingly, one of Vietnam’s most popular tourist destinations and has over time come to be officially classified as a resort city. Though relatively small in size, Phan Thiet offers the people who visit it a lot, in terms of recreational activities, entertainment and general hospitality.

Besides being an important tourist destination, Phan Thiet is also an important economic center for Vietnam, it being, for one, a major center for production of fish sauce. This is also one of the places where those fantastic dragon fruits grow. So advanced is the dragon fruit growing venture here that some of the produce ends up being exported to other far Eastern countries, as well as Europe and the USA.

Phan Thiet is a city encompassed by water. One side of it is surrounded by beautiful ocean beaches that are in turn encompassed by breathtaking emerald waters. Then right through the center of the town flows a river. This is not a small river: it is big enough to give rise to a prominent fishing harbor and to support water-based transport through boats that seem to create something akin to a traffic jam!

The people in Phan Thiet, as in most of Vietnam, seem to be genuinely interested in visitors. They smile at you, and make you feel supremely welcome. Things are also not very expensive here, and you can finance a relatively long stay without actually ruining yourself.

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