Getting around Phan Thiet

Given its quite modest size, Phan Thiet is a place you can comfortably get around on foot. You can also hire a taxi to help you get around Phan Thiet, and as you will discover, the taxis in this part of the world don’t charge as much as the taxis in the western world. Perhaps this is attributable to the fact that the cost of labor (for the people who drive and maintain the taxis) is not as high as in the west.

So the companies that run taxis here don’t have to charge very much. You may also have a chance to hire a motorbike, or a simple bicycle, and then use it to explore Phan Thiet. Again, given the fact that Phan Thiet is a coastal city, water transport on it is a possibility. You can, for instance, take one of the boats that pass through the river in the city center (say, at the harbor that is right in the middle of Phan Thiet) and use it to get round Phan Thiet. The option of bus transport exists, though the buses are more likely to get you into or out of Phan Thiet, as opposed to moving you around. There is a bus station, but it is on the outskirts.

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