Main Attractions and Sights in Inverness

There are many brilliant and interesting spots in the city. Filled with greenery the location is a superb place to enjoy our holidays.

Inverness Castle and Flora Macdonald Statue
Built around 1830 the castle is a popular tourist spot in the city. It is now used as a Court-House and is a fine place to look back the historical days of the past.

St Andrew’s Episcopal Cathedral
Located on the West Bank of the River Ness is the famous and excellent St Andrew’s Episcopal Cathedral. The astonishing feature of this Cathedral is the set of eleven bells-the weight of these singles bells is a ton. This magnificent architecture remains as a great landmark in the city representing the beauty and grandeur of Inverness.

Caledonian Canal
The Caledonian Canal is located to the West of Inverness. Thomas Telford was the engineer who designed this canal which was created during the period of 1803-22. This marvellous canal stands as the fine example of the engineering aspect of the city.

Tomnahurich Cemetery
The most spectacular cemetery in Scotland is the Tomnahurich Cemetery situated near the Tomnahurich Bridge over the Caledonian Canal. It is always a fine option for the tourists to add this place in their location list.

Cromwell’s Fort
This magnificent fort was built by Oliver Cromwell in 1653 to house 1,000 men. It stands as a remarkable building to bring back the golden days of past.

Inverness Museum and Art Gallery
Located close to the Inverness Tourist Information Centre stands the famous Inverness Museum and Art Gallery. The Inverness Museum is the house for fragments of Pictish symbol stones, Highland weapons, fossils and paintings of Inverness as it was in the past, and you will get the complete picture of Inverness before your eyes.

Inverness Aquadrome and Sports Centre
There are several current sports and leisure facilities in the city of Inverness and the Inverness Aquadrome and Sports Centre is one of them. This park has a leisure pool with flumes and waves, a traditional 25-metre swimming pool and two sports halls, so you can enjoy visiting this place a lot.

Eden Court Theatre Inverness
The Eden Court Theatre is one of its kinds and you can enjoy being here. There are music concerts, dramas, and everything from modern films to traditional dance items taking place here. A highly entertaining place in the city.

Bellfield Park Inverness
The Bellfield Park is located just opposite to River Ness. This park is a superb place to pass our time in the most entertaining way. Several events take place and major among them are floral display, bowling, tennis,

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