Festivals of Dundee

Held yearly in September, The Dundee Flower and Food Festival is a superb entertainment for everyone who are interested in enjoying. Many events are performed during this occasion and major among them are talks, fashion shows, floral art and cookery demonstrations plus a variety of children’s activities and music shows too.

Dundee Festival of Scottish Music
This festival is purely for historical and traditional music in Scotland. The festival is celebrated in the month of September and is a great invitation to many musical arts screening.

Dundee Jazz Festival
International Jazz stars participate in this awesome festival which is popular globally for its grand performance every year. Local Jazz players also group along with these international players and exhibit their talents.

Dundee Mountain Film Festival
The Mountain Film Festival presents only the best of the current mountain and action films and is a fun filled entertainment especially for film lovers.

Dundee Guitar Festival
This is the occasion in which many talented guitar players come together and compete for the grand prize. With brilliant classical and contemporary performances the show is highly entertaining.

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