Festivals and Events on Guernsey

As the most celebrated festival, the battle of flowers is conducted grandly along with many events for the North Show. The North Show, along with it’s sister events the South and West Shows, host a range of entertainment styles and beckon a party-like atmosphere from both islanders and visitors to Guernsey. This grand show should never be missed.

The Guernsey Floral Show and Viaer Marchi
Another interesting celebration in Guernsey is the Floral Show and Viaer Marchi both of which are great entertaining shows. Both these shows display things that are taken from life and are worth visiting.

The Guernsey Liberation Day
As a token of remembrance of the freedom from the German occupation, The Guernsey Liberation Day is celebrated on 9th of May. In this day all shops and offices are closed and people from all over the city get into the rhythm of celebration.

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