Introductions to Ajman

The Emirate of Ajman is situated on the coast of the Arabian Gulf, extending over a distance of 16 Kilometres, between the emirates of Umm Al-Qiwain and Sharjah. The area of the Ajman Emirate is 259 Sq. Km., equivalent to 0.3% of the country’s total area, excluding the islands.

The population is estimated to be 123,000 for 1996. The town of Ajman lies on the coast of the Arabian Gulf. It comprises the Ruler’s office, companies, banks and commercial markets. The port of Ajman is located along a natural creek which penetrates the town.

The two major regions in the emirate are Masfout, an agricultural area, lying at a distance of 110 Km. long at the South east, and Manama located 60 km. to the east. Just eight kilometres north of Sharjah lies Ajman, the smallest of the seven emirates but with a charm all its own. Ajman has the largest boat-building yards in the United Arab Emirates. Its craftsmen have always fashioned the characteristic dhows and boums that are seen in the Arabian Gulf’s water with the same techniques their forefathers used, all without blueprints.

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