Introduction to Adana, Iskenderun & Kahramanmaras

East of Tosos, the Cukurova plane is a fertile agricultural region known especially for its cotton fields. In the middle is the city of Adana with its rich textile industry, and to the east is the Dortyol (Issos) Plane, where Alexander the Great defeated the Persian king Darius.

As a result of his victory, a port city bearing his name was established which is now the modern day Iskenderun.

The road leaves Iskenderun on the southeast and goes through the Belen Pass to Antakya (Antioch).

This first Christian community founded by Saint Peter has given Antakya a special religious significance, and the first sermons were preached in nearby cave.

It is considered a place of pilgrimage, and the city also boasts a mosaic exhibition of rare beauty in its museum.

Kahramanmaras is a relatively undiscovered province of the Mediterranean.

One of its best-loved features is the cuisine, which has its own specialities like its special orchid drink (salep) and its world famous ice-cream made from goat and cows’ milk.

The historical legacy of Kahramanmaras in the Ottoman Empire is still relevant today with its gilded silver, leather and copper works.

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