Main Attractions and Sights in Krabi

Keep it Natural
All the best things to see and do throughout Krabi province and its many islands are provided by the natural flora and fauna. You can get about by Songthaew (public passenger pick-up vehicles) or by boat, and just about every outdoor seaside activity is represented in abundance. The most common boat type for shorter trips is the long-tail boat. They are very manoeuvrable in the shallow waters but be prepared to get wet even if the water is a little choppy.

Play in the Park
Much of the province is now national parkland. The best destinations are Ao Nang, Railay, Hat Noppharat Thara and Ko Phi Phi National Park. The smaller islands number more than 80 and include those such as the Lanta and the Phi Phi islands. Day visitors from Phuket, sailing enthusiasts, divers and snorkelers all head to the islands looking for adventure.

The Ko Lanta National Park includes a number of islands fringed by coral reefs offering renowned diving sites. Koh Lanta Yai, is the largest island and home to the park’s headquarters and the fish filled waters around the island sustains the Chao Le, or sea gypsies. October through April, outside the monsoon season, are the best months to visit the islands.

The Khao Phanom Bencha National Park covers 50 square kilometres and is 20km north of Krabi. The scene is high drama with the 1350m high Khao Phanom Bencha covered in virgin rainforest. The park is punctured by waterfalls which include the amazing Huay To which drops through 11 tiers and the single drop, but no less dramatic Huay Sadeh and Khlong Haeng. Close to the entrance of the park, is Tham Pheung, a cave with an impressive show of mineral stalactites and stalagmites.

Take a Hike
Opportunities for hiking abound along trails that wind through the area. There is abundant wildlife in the park, but the thing you’re most likely to run into is a monkey. It’s popular with bird-spotters who come to see argus pheasants, various breeds of hornbills and the incredibly rare Gurney’s pitta.

Try a Temple
Wat Kaew, on the edge of town contains some interesting 19th- and early-20th-century buildings.

Hit the rocks
Krabi is a world class rock-climbing destination, with the distinctive limestone formations known as karst , offering a wide variety of climbs. Thailand’s rock climbing Mecca is Rai Leh, a craggy peninsula with several small beaches. The two limestone massifs of Khao Khanap Nam are a treat for climbers many of whom head to the caves where human skeletons were found, thought to be the ancient remains of people trapped in a flood.

Take a Dive
Krabi is a great centre for diving, with a number of excellent dive sites in the Andaman sea. There are plenty of dive shops in Ko Phi Phi and Ko Lanta to cater to all divers’ needs.

Survey the Scenery
The two predominantly mainland national parks, Khwo Phanom Bencha, and Than Bokk-horani offer wonderful scenic attractions including trekking trails, birdwatching, eco-tours, waterfalls and caves.

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