Eating out in Neuchâtel

Swiss cuisine is known for being anything but fat free, and is reminiscent of the best home cooked comfort food you have ever experienced. Fondue which is a Swiss specialty is available as a standard menu item listed as Fondue Neuchateloise in cafes and restaurants all over the town. Delicious homemade bread dipped into hot, melted cheese sings gastronomic songs of delight, so best to leave your skinny diet plans at home.

There is a sheer abundance of cafes and restaurants right throughout the town, as well as many delicious bakeries that are heaving with delicious pastries and freshly baked items and chocolatiers offer small, heavenly Swiss chocolate delights and sugar loaded treats.

But one of the absolute best place to eat is the Shawarma or kebab stand – Munzure Kebab, which is located right in the heart of Place Pury. It’s great if you have been out on a bit of evening spree as it provides some of the best late night grub in town and it is open until the very early hours of the morning.

Famiglia Lecesse is your chance to experience a little slice of southern Italian hospitality and great Italian food. Draped in fairy lights, friendly and tucked away in a small apartment, the locals fiercely guard the secret of this delightful restaurant.

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