Sport Activities on the Canary Islands

The most loved sports on the Canary Islands, due to the mass length of the coastlines, are water sports such as swimming, scuba diving, surfing, wake boarding and underwater fishing.

There are also a long list of well looked after golf courses and driving ranges across most of the islands as well as tennis courts, shooting ranges and a selection of local sports venues offering more traditional sports such as cock fighting, sticks, which is a fight between two men using wooden sticks, for which you must be strong to defeat your opponent.

The huge, nine hundred and thirty mile, stretch of coastline is breathtaking at every square inch, and the temperate but not unbearable climate means that 50% or more of tourists become regular visitors. Most, if not all visitors are also tempted back by the stunning volcanic landscapes and all of the interesting wildlife.

There are dormant and ‘dead’ volcanoes located all over the islands, the biggest of which can be found on Tenerife and it is known as Pico De Teide.

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