Shopping in Valencia

La Paz, Colon and Plaza de Ayuntamiento are the streets in the town centre that attract all of the tourists and have the widest variety of stores.

Here there are lots of modern shops that stock the very latest and greatest in clothing and accessories, electrical goods, antiques and collectables and contraband, most of which can be purchased at a lower price than in their countries of origin.

On Sunday mornings, the milling crows in Plaza Redondda (behind Plaza de la Reina) denote feverish commercial activity. You can buy anything that your heart desires because of the huge range of market stalls and sales pitches. The salesmen are incredibly well experienced at selling anything, no matter how high or low the quality, so be careful and study items carefully before agreeing to a purchase. Pick pockets and thieves operate in this district so keep all of your possessions close to you at all times.

You can find a vast array of handicraft, wickerwork, and hand made clothing and local collectable shops and outdoor markets, which sell the best items that you will find in Spain. The handicrafts are great gifts or personal souvenirs and the exquisite pottery is cheap and very professional.

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