Shopping in Madrid

The best time to go out shopping in Madrid is in the afternoon, as this is when all of the natives go out for lunch, go home for lunch or go back to work.

This means that the streets are clearer, although there are still an awful lot of tourists around. Walking down the main shopping centre you can find high street clothing and accessories as well as electrical goods, local artworks, handicrafts, pottery and contraband all at lower prices than are typical of the item’s recommended retail prices.

The Rastro flea market is one of the best places to find a good selection of reasonably affordable and precious antiques. Antique stores and markets are very common in Madrid and are worth a look in by any tourists, you never know, you may find something that is worth a lot of money back home. There is a whole street which just has antique stores and markets called the Calle De Prado. There are stores and markets to suit all buyers, including shops that specialize in local crafts, tourist souvenirs and paintings as well as local charcuterie and vegetable markets.

The best places to pass the time on a Sunday in Madrid are the Rastro flea market, the stamp market in the Plaza Mayor and the second hand book shop at the Cuesta De Moyano. The Rastro is split in to two halves, one selling antiques and the other selling lots of newer second hand items. The stamp market sells stamps and coins of rare and valuable origins. The history of each item is usually far more interesting than the item itself, but you will definitely be able to grab yourself a bargain, whatever you are looking for. At the incredibly busy second hand bookshop it is easy to find a good period piece that could be worth a good amount back home. The stall owners are flexible with most prices.

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