Nightlife in Valencia

Most of the real die hard clubbing enthusiasts will venture outside of Valencia to the Balearics or a more inland city because the night life in Valencia is relatively quiet.

Cerveceria Madrid is one of the best bars in Valencia. It offers one of the best Spanish cocktails known as the Agua De Valencia, or the water of Valencia. It contains orange juice, a liqueur and Cava, and is very popular with natives and tourists.

Featuring a population of around 2,000,000 residents, Valencia is Spain’s 3rd largest city after the capital and Barcelona. Thriving in the sector of constructions, the city has inherited several architectural gems over the recent years, including a spectacular complex partially designed by local celebrated architect Santiago Calatrava.

Valencia’s lively day life is complemented by a dazzling nightlife, which makes the city one of Spain’s most vibrant metropolises. Walk around the scenic old quarter by day light, then recharge to wash the night out by enjoying some exquisite cuisine and delicious cocktails at sophisticated restaurants and hip bars.

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