Museums in Malaga

Picasso Museum is Malaga’s most popular art museum. The museum’s basement hides a series of Phoenician and Roman relics discovered during the construction of the building. The upper floors host a fascinating collection of Pablo Picasso’s paintings, most of them donated by his family.

A small amount of his artwork is also exhibited at Casa Natal de Picasso, the house where the famous painter was born and which now operates as a museum, housing some of his memorabilia and a replica of his studio.

Recently opened in 2011, Museo Carmen Thysse is housed in a beautifully restored 16th-century mansion at the heart of Malaga’s old quarter. Mostly focusing on art pieces from the 19th century, the museum boasts a remarkable collection of local and Spanish works.

Contemporary art enthusiasts should pay a visit to Centro de Arte Contemporario. Occupying a former covered market, this museum exhibits the artworks of well-known contemporary artists, including Tracey Emin.

Finally, pass by Moseo de Artes y Costumbres Populares to be introduced to Malaga’s folklore art. Local costumes and art crafts are on display in this former inn from 17th century, which now operates as an ethnographic museum.

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