Museums in Madrid

One thing that Madrid is not short of is museums. You can visit lots and lots of museums in a day or spend a whole day in just one of them.

Some of the best museums in Spain are located here and include the national archaeological museum, the museo cerralbo, the Spanish military museum, the museo del prado, the museo lazaro galdiano, the naval museum and the museo sorolla. Refreshments are available at most of the museums. There are also lots of picture galleries that display local and more famous artworks.

If you do not feel like visiting museums, or are tired of all the museums that you have already visited, take a stroll down almost any town street and you are bound to find an outdoor caf? or restaurant. Take a seat and enjoy a speciality coffee and high quality bar food at a terrazas, but don’t get too comfortable as some of the prices are quite high.

Some of the best bars are high up in high rise buildings as they have more reasonable prices and great views of the city and surrounding countryside.

One of the most popular festivals in Madrid is the Feria de San Isidro. There are a whole host of live shows and street entertainers ranging from traditional opera to street jugglers and acrobatic shows, this is a celebration not to be missed. In August you must join the celebrations of the Verbena de la Paloma.

If you wish to take an excursion to the outskirts, or maybe even further out of Madrid, you can join a coach party for a day and visit Avila, El Escorial, Guadalajara, Segovia and Toledo.

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