Local Cuisine of the Balearic Islands

The intriguing cuisine of the Balearic islands is unique to the Mediterranean and is loved the world over. It is known that the very popular dipping sauce of Vinegar, Oil and egg whites known as Mayonnaise was invented in Menorca.

It can be difficult to distinguish between the foods on each Balearic island. All food is similar and typically Mediterranean with strong Spanish influences.

On the island of Majorca, the most favoured dishes seem to be soups. The less traditional type of soup is more of a broth, mainly liquid with a small amount of meat and/or vegetables and flavourings. The more traditional kind is less ‘wet’, there is much more meat and/or vegetables with only a little bit of liquid, more like a meat vegetable, and sauce dish instead of a soup.

On the island of Menorca, the most favoured dishes, especially at beach and harbour restaurants and hotels, are those containing shellfish. The favourite seems to be Lobster Stew.

On the islThis divine meal is made of Lobster Meat, Onions, Garlic, Olive Oil, Tomatoes, Bouquet Garni, Peppers, Salt and Ground Cayenne Pepper.

On the island of Ibiza, the favoured dishes include those containing fish and shellfish, one of the most popular being dishes containing Ray, typically with Almond Sauce, Fish and Shellfish Stews and some pig meats.

Majorca is the only Balearic Island that produces its own wines. The wines are mostly fragrant and interesting, comparable, but not quite as high quality, to the wines produced in Chile.ced in Chile.

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