Festivals in Madrid

San Isidro (15 May) – This is a huge celebration of the life and works of Madrid’s patron saint St. Isidore.

There is the biggest bullfighting display and lots of traditional food and drinks served in bars and restaurants as well as at stalls on the street, and there are also live concerts and fireworks.

The Passion festival is probably one of the most important festivals, to the largely Catholic natives, in Madrid.

There are various plays which are performed outside depicting the ‘Passion of the Christ’ which is the story of the last days leading up to the death of Jesus Christ. This tradition is upheld every Easter Sunday.

Dos de Mayo (2 May) – simply called the 2nd of May festival, this is a four day benchmark in Spanish history.

It celebrates the time in 1808 where Spanish troops took a stand against Napoleon.

New Year’s Eve – The nation focuses on the Puerta del Sol at midnight as crowds gather to swallow a grape on each chime of the clock.

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