Cuisine of the Canary Islands

The traditional food of the Canary Islands does not vary greatly from island to island. There is a lot of fish and shellfish, which is caught just off the shores of the respective island.

Fish is traditionally served with boiled potatoes and a locally made spicy sauce known to tourists as Mojo.

Other popular foods include Rabbit, served with a mayonnaise – like vinegar based sauce called Samojero, Salt Cod with Mojo, and the hugely popular watercress soup, which is now a globally favoured summertime soup, especially in the U.K.

Some of the most popular fruits in the Canary diet are Bananas, Pears, Avocados, Papaya and Tomatoes. The natives do not eat much bread, instead they eat roasted wheat or maize based accompaniment comparable to American Corn Bread.

Some of the islands produce their own wines. The emphasis is on the white wines, probably because of the temperate climate, and usually come as a shock to tourists. The specialist vineyards are most prominent in Lanzarote, where each vine is grown in a stone pit to protect it slightly from the heat. These wines can easily match up to some Spanish, French and Californian wines.

After a meal at one of the Canary Islands, it is very traditional to enjoy a cigar. The native tobaccos are some of the most fragrant and enjoyable available, and the country’s cigar exports are a great source of honest income for lots of native workers.

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