Christian Heritage of Cordoba

Constructed during 14th century by Alfonso the 6th, Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos is a castle which hosted the meeting of Columbus with the Spanish royals before he was commissioned to start his exploration towards India.

Featuring lovely terrace gardens, Alcazar houses some fascinating Roman mosaics as well.

Close to Plaza de las Tendillas, Palacio de Viana is a spectacular Renaissance mansion, which covers a total of 6,500 square meters. Join the guided tour to admire the astonishing art and antique collection of Marqueses de Viana. Leave the interior to enjoy a peaceful moment at one of the 12 lovely patios of the villa.

If you enjoyed Palacio de Viana, pay a visit to Palacio Episcopal as well. Occupying a beautiful building of Isabelline Gothic architecture, part of this former hospital houses Museo Diocesano. The museum features a small collection of religious artworks from paintings to carvings. An indoor patio is also available within the palacio.

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