Main Attractions and Sights in Ulsan

Like other local city governments in S.Korea, the local government has described a list of major tourist attractions in the locality. A few are presented below, but for further details and more sites to visit wait until you arrive in Ulsan.

Mount Gaji
The highest peak in Ulsan’s mountain range plus the bonus of well marked and clearly defined mountain trails.

This is a popular destination for viewing the sun come up on the occasion of the first sunrise to be seen in Northern Asia.

Black Pebble Beach at Gangdong and Jujeon Seashore
Featuring beaches containing black pebbles of various sizes.

Naewonam Valley at Mount Daenum
Visit the Naewonam Temple and stroll through the peaceful pools of water and waterfalls which exist in the Valley.

Ulsan Sports Complex
A great place to visit for the sports oriented, and since most S.Korean’s love Soccer then naturally this complex is the home stadium used by one of foremost soccer clubs in the country

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