Main Attractions and Sights in Seongnam

Just like any other Metropolitan location in the world there are a variety of Theaters, Museums, and Galleries to be explored. Your visitors information will give details, and there are many tours available around the locations.

The Central Park is worth a visit where you can see fine examples of older forms of Korean houses, indeed the last traditional house from the Seongnam and Bundang-gu villages can be seen in the Park dating back to the Joseon time. Central Park is not difficult to locate and can be found near the Seohyeon Station

The small River Tancheon runs through the area where you can take a stroll or take a bicycle trip on either of the river banks. If you feel active there are a number of Basket ball Courts available where you can slam dunk a ball or two, or practice a few golf swings at the Golf Course located close by Sunae Station.

Yuldong Park is fairly close by where you can indulge in a little Bungee jumping, though the price is a little high at 25,000 Won

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