Main Attractions and Sights in Gwangju

Life goes by at a much slower place in Gwangju than Seoul so you will have time to explore the South Jeolla region a little.

Visit Art Street, a small back street downtown where you can watch many artists at work with many examples of their finished work on display in small galleries on the sidewalk. The area is lit up during the evening time and provides a pleasant place to see the paintings when out for an evening stroll.

In the river area you can visit the Yangdong Market renowned for its furniture, food, and clothing. The river is well lit during the evening offering many colored lights to decorate the shopping location.

There is a monument dedicated to the student’s rebellion of 1980 not surprisingly named the Students Uprising Monument. It is located in the geographical center of Gwangju, though you will need a taxi to get you to the spot.

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