Main Attractions and Sights in Busan

Busan features a series of popular beaches, most of which offer a vast variety of dining and entertainment facilities, along with hosting lively cultural festivals. Gwangalli Beach mostly attracts the local youth and fishermen.

It is the best place to try water-sports, while it also offers a nearby cultural centre, which houses cinema theatres, art galleries and hip boutiques.

However, Busan’s most visited beach is probably Haeundae Beach. Hosting some of the city’s best festivals, it also features a square where traditional local games and activities take place. Songjeong Beach is popular with families due to its shallow waters, while Dadaepo Beach is worth a visit to see Nakdonggang River flowing into the ocean.

Busan’s most scenic religious site, Haedong Yonggungsa Temple is a seaside complex, which includes Daeungjeon Main Hall, Yongwangdang Shrine, Gulbeop Cave Sanctum, a golden statue of Seawater Great Goddess Buddha and a 3-storey pagoda. First built during 14th century, the temple was reconstructed in the 70s. The spot offers fascinating sea views and a lovely sunset.

Located on Mount Geumjeongsan, Beomeosa Temple was initially built 13 centuries ago by a local monk. However, the current construction dates back to early 18th century, since the original structure was destroyed during the Japanese invasion in 1592. Featuring colourful halls, pagodas, hermitages and royal chambers, this charming religious complex is definitely worth a visit.

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