Introductions to Ulsan

The South Korean city of Ulsan is undoubtedly the industrial center of the country, being the home of the Ulsan Industrial District featuring the world’s largest automobile assembly plant operated by the Hyundai Motor Company, the Hyundai Heavy Industries Shipyard, and the world’s largest Oil Refinery.

Ulsan Metropolitan City as it is officially referred is located in the Southeastern region of S.Korea bordered by Busan to the South and Gyeongju to the North. Ulsan is recognized as being the seventh largest Metropolis in the country with a population of 1.1 million people living in a humid subtropical climate influenced by monsoons.

The city is also known for its whaling activities purporting to be for scientific purposes which are strongly objected to by many conservation organizations and the governments of other countries. Ulsan is not recognized as a major tourist center although it provides the gateway to the Yeongnam Alps one of the most attractively visual parklands in S.Korea.

Paradoxically then since the city is totally locked into its industrial base, and though these heavy industries are widespread and provide much employment, they do take their toll on the beautiful landscape of Ulsan, but the investment made in the region undoubtedly make Ulsan a better place to live ultimately.

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