Introductions to Incheon

Incheon city is a South Korean city located in the North Western region of the country whose history can be traced back to 475 CE at the time of its ruler King Jangsu of Goguryeo. But today it has developed into the third larges city in the country with a population of almost 3 million residents following the larger cities of Seoul, and Busan.

The city is part of the Seoul National Capital Area, and combined with the city of Seoul and Gyeonggi Province is estimated to be the fourth largest suburban area in the world.

Following the Korean war of the mid 20th century Incheon has opened up the whole of S.Korea to the outside world, and led to the economic development of the country, becoming firmly established as a center of modern industry, thus leading to the establishment of the Incheon Free Economic Zone in which many global businesses have invested

The well known electronics company Samsung is typically such a company which is now an intrinsic part of the New Songdo City plan within the region, where also the development of expensive real estate projects are currently under development and due for completion in 2015.

Fully recognized by now as an international city Incheon plans for many international events including the 17th Asian Games scheduled for September 2014, as a follow on event to the highly successful Incheon Global Fair and Festival held in 2009.

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