Introductions to Changwon

Changwon is a South Korean city situated on the Southern coast of the country containing Masa Bay and Jinhae within its borders. The city is surrounded by mountain peaks the highest of which are Mt. Bulmo at 2,630ft and Mt. Jeonbyeong reaching a height of 1,800 ft.

The city today is recognized as being the capital city of Gyeongsannam-do Province and represents the 8th largest city within South Korea having a population of just over 1 million residents living in a temperate continental climate, with temperatures ranging from 45ºF in January to 86ºf in the hottest month of August.

Changwon became fully developed during the 1970’s and was one of the first planned cities in the country along with Seongnam, designed to represent the new capital of the Gyeongsannam-do region as an alternate capital city of South Korea in the event of Seoul being invaded by N.Korea.. With this in mind it is not surprising to note that a missile base is located among the mountains which surround the city.

The city is reputed to have the longest continual stretch of roads in the country, the 12½Km Changwondae-do, and since the city is heavily industrialized it aids in servicing the requirements of such Korean industrial giants as LG, Samsung, and GM Daewoo. This long highway also serves to separate Changwon into two specific areas, the industrial section of the city to the west, and the urban area located to the east.

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