Getting around in Incheon

Incheon International Airport is deemed to be the world’s number one airport and is the main point of entrance into the country. The airport is located on the island of Yeongjong with direct connections by train to Gyeyang where you can transfer to the Incheon subway travel line.

Alternative modes of transport from the Incheon airport are by taking a Limousine bus which travels to many locations in Incheon for the price of $10 with a journey time of about 50 minutes, or by taking a taxi directly to the city costing $50 but a much faster travel time of 25 minutes.

For travel by boat then the Incheon Port International Ferry Teerminal has two main terminals located at Yeonan Budu providing connections to several cities in mainland China. The ferry boats resemble small cruise liners and carry many forms of entertainment such as Karaoke facilities, Video game consuls, or a DVD can be rented if you opt for a private cabin.

You can travel by the Metro line which offers regular links between Seoul and Incheon for the price of $3, though you can save on travel time by using one of the express trains. The bus services are excellent, providing facilities for intercity journeys with many regular buses routed for Incheon direct from Seoul.

The three best ways of getting around Incheon are undoubtedly via the subway, by bus, or by taxi. The Rapid Transport Corporation ensures that the subway passes through all of the points of interest, and the bus service with its 2,000 operators makes certain that visitors reach their selected destination on time. Taxis are a little more expensive to ride with a minimum fare of $2.

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