Getting around in Daegu

Daegu Airport is located in the East part of the city and is shared with the Korean Air force which uses the facility as a military base. International travelers will need to use the airport at Incheon for entry since the Daegu airport caters only for Asian travel to places like China, the Philippines, and Thgailand with internal flights to Seoul.

Train services are available from either of the two Daegu rail stations with Dongdaegu being the largest, and providing transport to Seoul, Busan, and Daejeon via the KTX rail service.Journey times are typically 1hr.40min to Seoul and about 2½ hr to Busan.

The smaller station is located at Dongsungro in the city center and provides a more local rail service to immediate surrounding areas. The area provides a shopping complex also including a large Lotte Mart and is easily accessed by a brief 10 minute walk from Daegu’s downtown area.

Intercity buses provide a comfortable way of traveling with their spacious three seats in a row, and offer a great way of traveling to other Korean cities, with Seoul being only a 4 hour journey.

Getting around Daegu is best done by using the Subway. The city has two lines which interconnect at the Banwoldang Junction. The subway usually operates between 5.30am-11.30pm with the convenience of all stops being announced in both Korean and English

Taxis are another alternative and are inexpensive to ride, just jump in and give the name of the nearest point you want to travel to, and the cab will get you there. Tour buses are a good way of seeing the sights with the Daegu City Bus Tour providing an excellent way to see the city.

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