Getting around in Changwon

For international travelers to Changwon it will be necessary to use the International Airport of Busan (Busan Gimhae International Airport) to the east of Changwon and travel to the city by other means.

Changwon can readily be reached by train directly from the Korean capital Seoul with Changwon rail station being located in the urban part of the city. The Korean rail lines Munghwa, Saemaeul, and the Korean express service (KTX) all provide a regular rail service to most other large cities as well.

Most other cities within the Gyeongsannam-do area are connected to Changwon by buses using the Changwon Express Bus station, though some buses traveling to Busan use the Namsan bus terminal situated in the south of the city. Buses to Busan will arrive at the Seobo bus terminal in Sasang-gu, Busan; the fare for this trip will cost 3,500 Won. For travelers to Seoul there are several trips scheduled every day using the Express Bus service.

Within Changwon there are two types of bus service, the express service and the normal service which is a little less expensive. You will find that the normal buses stop frequently but are widely used for travel to Jinhae and Masan paying the fare of 1,200 Won. Although the express service entails fewer stops, it is more expensive at 1.600 Won for the same journey.

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