Main Attractions and Sights in Samara

Alexey Tolstoy the favored 20th century writer lived in Samara and there is a Museum dedicated to his memory which you can visit in the city, and the well known composer Dmitry Shostakovich lived in the city during the yeaers of WW II composing his 7th Orchestral Symphony in the location.

Samara is also the home of the Samara State Space University, its Space Museum is well worth a visit and a major source of attraction for tourists of any nation interested in the Russian Space program.

Sports play a central role in the lives of the Samara population and you will have the opportunity to see the Krylia Soretov soccer team in action during your visit, or if Basketball is more to your liking then sit and watch the Krasne Kylies Samara basketball team ‘dunking the ball’

If you are a night person and enjoys the nightlife then Samara has many places to visit in the evening hours. There are many restaurants to be enjoyed and many dance clubs such as the Beerja, the Zvezda, the Aura, and the Postel where you can dance your heart out while having a glass or two of the local Russian beer.

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