Main Attractions and Sights in Omsk

Take a walk down the Lyubinsky Avenue and Lenina Street to see some fine examples of Russian architecture, the whole area provides a mix of Art Nouveau, Neoclassical and styles associated with the Second Empire.

Another place of interest is Nicolovsky Avenue with its display of old merchant’s wooden houses. If you travel to the actual confluence of the Irtysh and Om Rivers you will be rewarded with the view of the Dormition Cathedral, the largest and most splendid in the city.

The Vrubel Museum has a fine collection of Rerikhs, and the Historical Museum offers a good display relating to the Ebony Kalmyk Throne and the uniforms of nomads prior to Russian colonization.

The Cossacks Cathedral or St. Nicholas Cathedral at Krestovozdvizhenski (wrap your tongue around that one!) or the Ulica Tarskaya will undoubtedly be of interest. Make sure you see the centuries old ‘conquest’ banner much revered by the Siberian Cossacks.

If you have an interest in military affairs then the Military Museum should not be missed with recent artifacts relating to WW II, the war in Afghanistan, and Chechnya on display.

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