Introduction to Samara

The Russian city of Samara is located in the Southeastern part of what is referred to as European Russia, at the confluence of the mighty Volga River and the Samara River situated directly on the Eastern bank of the Volga River.

Samara today is fully recognized as being the sixth largest city within the Russian Confederation, and is treated as the Administrative Center of Samara Oblast which manages the affairs of its 1,200,000 inhabitants who endure the hot summers and cold winters of its continental climate.

The city is surrounded on three sides by the Sokolyi Hills to the North, the Steppes to the East and South, and plays an important role in the politics, industry, econimics, and culture of the surrounding region.

The life of Samara is inextricably linked to the River Volga which has served as a commercial hub for many centuries and has many aesthetic attractions due to the beauty of its water front display, which attracts many locals and tourists to the region.

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