Introduction to Omsk

If you are spending time exploring the many wonders in the Asian/European country of Russia, then you may think about a visit to the Siberian city of Omsk.

Omsk is situated in the Southwest region of Siberia approximately 1,400 miles distance from the capital city of Moscow. The city reaches along the banks of the northerly flowing River Irtysh at the confluence shared with the River Om, and is the 2nd largest city in Russia east of the Ural Mountains with the city of Novosibirsk being the largest.

The city is formally recognized as being the Administrative Center of Omsk Oblast, though in earlier times, during the Imperial era, it was recognized as the seat of the Governor General of Western Siberia.

Omsk is also considered to be the Administrative Center of the Siberian Cossack Host as well as fulfilling the role of the See for the Bishop of Omsk and Tara plus the Administrative Seat of the Imam of Siberia.

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