Getting around in Volgograd

The city is served by Volgograd International Airport, though despite the name realistically only caters for internal flights, with international connections only to Munich in Germany and Yerevan.

Travel by train is much better since Volgograd serves as a major rail junction with good connections to Moscow, a 20 hour journey and St. Petersburg taking about 35 hours, and will set you back about 2,000-3,000 Rubles in a 2nd class sleeper.

The furthest internal journey is probably to Irkutsk located in Siberia taking over 90 hours and international train journeys are available to such destinations as Kiev, Bucharest, and Sofia.

For getting around the city then the best means is by taking the public transport Metrotram, though local taxis are convenient as are local buses which seem to operate fairly effectively.

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