Getting around in Samara

Many flights arrive from European cities at the Kurumoch International Airport from which direct flights are available to Samara as well as other major Russian cities.

Samara is a well known rail junction and all trains traveling to Siberia and Asian Russia to the east call at Samara. The de-luxe Zhiguli train calls and has a direct connection to Moscow with the journey taking 12-14 hours. The service offers five daily trips or there are trips on alternate days on an equally luxurious train to St Petersburg taking about 24 hours.

For continental train travelers there is a once per week Sibirjak train originating in Berlin, Germany which calls at Samara with stopping points at both Warsaw, and Minsk, the journey taking five days and four nights.

As is the case in most Russian cities the most convenient way of getting around is to use the Metro, though in the case of Samara the journey can be somewhat restricted due to there only being one line traveling east to west developed at the moment.

For local travel then taxis, Trolley buses and trams provide an alternative way of getting round the city.

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