Main Attractions and Sights in Cusco

There are many historic sites to be visited in the region but make sure that you obtain a 10 day Bolita Touristico pass before setting out, it costs 130 Soles, but enables you to visit any site without paying the daily fee which can amount to 60 Sole.

A good place to start your visit is the Sacsayhuaman ruin and the walls of the ancient Inca city near the Plaza de Armas.

Down the Avenue Sol you can see the Monumento Pachacuteq which is a statue of the Inca King Pachacuteq reaching over 22 meters in height, and surprisingly the statue can be climbed, though the view from the top may be somewhat disappointing.

The Plaza de Armas is packed with churches, shops and restaurants and while the historic center of Cusco is very attractive you will have to contend with many street vendors and hawkers all trying to sell cheap paintings and other souvenirs.

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