Main Attractions and Sights in Chimbote

Realistically speaking then currently Chimbote has nothing extra special to offer any tourist unlike other Peruvian cities such as Cusco. The main attraction will be viewing the two natural bays in the region, the Bay of Chimbote, and the Bay of Samanco.

Chimbote forms an urban sprawl with its neighbor Nuevo Chimbote District to the south and between these two conurbations very little exists apart from the Humedales de Villa Maria which is nothing more than a swamp land inhabited by local Herons, Frogs, and a few Fish.

However to the south of the city there are many beaches which can be enjoyed in the mild temperate climate such as the Vesique, Tortugas, Caleta Colarado, and Al Dorado beaches. A further attraction in the immediate vicinity of Chimbote is the Isle Blanca and the enigmatic white color of the ground.

Two further places of interest are the Cerro de la Juventad, and the Cerro de la Paz, translated as the Mountain of Youth and the Mountain of Peace respectively, both of which offer a spectacular panoramic view of the Chimbote Bay when the mountain has been climbed and the summit reached.

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