Introductions to Pucallpa

The tourist industry of the South American country of Peru is undoubtedly on the increase. But if you are planning a vacation to this region make sure that you search around a bit to ensure that your chosen venue is developed and offers many attractions for the sightseer since there are cities which do not yet have such facilities.

One lovely location is the city of Pucallpa, situated in the East of the country on the Ucayali river bank, which itself is a tribute of the massive Amazon River. Currently the city is recognized as being the capital city of three entities, the Ucayali region, the Coronel Portillo Province, and the Calleria District.

Following its formation in 1840 by Franciscan missionaries the settlement has remained relatively isolated within the Amazon Rainforest and the Andes Mountain Range. However a railway construction completed in 1920 connected Pucallpa with the remainder of the Peruvian country, did not work out too well with the enterprise being abandoned by the Ferrocarri Central Andino.

It was not until the completion of the Highway to Lima, the capital city of Peru, passing through Tingo Maria in 1945, that Pucallpa finally came in from the cold and allowed the development of commercial projects and the distribution of locally produced goods to the rest of the country, that the prosperity of the region, especially Pucallpa, the regional capital improved to any extent.

Pucallpa is not without its difficulties however. Due to its location in the Amazon basin where heavy rainfall is common many flash floods occur which either flood the highway or wash parts of it away, hence prompting the use of the floating ports at La Hoyada and Puerto Italia.

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