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Getting around in Brasilia The city has an international airport which is just 11km from the center of the city. The metro rails connect most of the important tourist areas and the city center.
Getting around in Alor Setar By Land. Through the North-South Expressway, which extends from the Malaysian and the border of Thailand all the way to Singapore, travelers have the option to drive themselves up to Kedah if they have rented a car, hail a taxicab or hop onto one of the many bus companies in Peninsular Malaysia.
Getting around in Dundee The Dundee city airport is run by the Scot Airways and it includes flights direct to Manchester and London City. The train station located at the City Centre has regular service for every one hour to Edinburgh and Glasgow.
Getting around in Nijmegen To get around Nijmegen, you can take one of the local buses operated by a company known as Breng. You will notice that Nijmegen is made up of several neighborhoods, and a distinct city center.
Introduction to Doha Capital and largest city of Qatar, Doha features a population of almost 1,000,000 residents. A small town of the Persian Gulf until the early 19th century, the city begun to grow after the oil rush.