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Take a stroll at Gardens by the Bay One of the latest billion-dollar developments in Singapore, the Gardens by the Bay is located behind Marina Bay Sands and occupies over 250 acres of reclaimed land.
Eating out in Basel The city thrives on a cafe culture and is literally heaving with bars, restaurants and coffee houses, with sidewalk cafes packed side to side along the cobbled courtyards. In the summertime this is the perfect place to chill out with a cup of coffee, the paper and become rooted to your seat for an hour or more. Just check beforehand, as many of the restaurants do not accept credit cards. As far as tipping is concerned, many locals prefer to round off their bill, not accepting change from a note rather than adding on to the bill. This is not Continue Reading
Getting around in Hanover English translation was just recently introduced to some official tourist points such as the train ticket machines. The German people are generally helpful, but you have to ask for assistance, as they don’t tend to intrude upon others. For general information, it’s best to go to the Tourist Office. Hanover’s public transportation network is superb. If you plan more than one mode of transport, a day ticket is the best buy, giving you unlimited travel on the bus, the trams and the subways; they are valid until the last connection of the day, which is often sometime after midnight. Be aware Continue Reading
Main Attractions and Sights in Putrajaya Perdana Putra. This spectacular building complex located on the main hill in the city is home to the executive arm of Malaysia’s government and the office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. If you are planning a tour around Putrajaya, this will be the best place to start since it is the point of reference for finding most of the city’s attractions.
Introductions to Iquique Iquique is the capital of Region I, which comprises of regions in the northern tip – Arica, Iquique and Parinacota. One of the popular attractions in the northernmost area of Chile, this city of Iquique is located in a golden crescent of the coastline offers a warm and mild climate juxtaposed with Atacama Desert.