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Getting around in Palembang The Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin International Airport serves the needs of travelers to Sumatra, particularly for Asian incoming and departing flights, though Western travelers may have to use the main Indonesian airport in Jakarta, and follow through on internal flights.
Major Attractions and Sights in La Chaux-de-Fonds There is an abundance of really fascinating local heritage and cultural sites to see and experience in the town, with lots of museums showcasing the history of this intriguing hilltop location. The International Museum of Watches is a stunning exhibition in La Chaux de Fonds and is an exciting showcase of the history of watch making from both Switzerland and all over the world. This is a must see attraction for every age group – and even if you were not interested in watch making when you got there, you will certainly be so when you leave. The collection has more Continue Reading
Getting around in Stirling The foremost way to visit Stirling is by train from Glasgow’s Queen St. or a bus from Buchanan Bus Station. The Train Station of Stirling is set right in the central of Stirling, where all the major sights are only a few minutes away.
Main Attractions and Sights in Fortaleza Centro is the oldest part of the city and a nice place for a stroll any time of day or night. Tourists and locals alike appear to be drawn by the lively atmosphere in the heart of the city which extends even to the outer areas as well as the beaches.
Best time to go to Stuttgart Due to its geographical position Stuttgart is in one of the warmest regions in Germany and has a relatively mild climate throughout the year thanks to Stuttgart being located in a wide valley and protected from all sides by the Stromberg and Heuchelberg regions to the northwest, the Swabian Alb to the south, the Black Forest to the west and the Schurwald to the east.   It’s therefore thanks to all these combined elements that the wine industry is able to thrive so well here.