Introductions to Almere

Established in the year 1976, Almere is one of the newest cities in Europe. As a matter of fact, it is Netherlands’ youngest city.

Over a short duration of time though, Almere has come to a point of outgrowing many cities that are much older than it, and as of 2013, it had a population of almost 200,000 people, and a geographical coverage of just over 248 square kilometers. Almere stands as undeniable testimony of what proper planning in a modern city can do: which is to be expected, given the fact that this city has not grown organically or spontaneously, but rather, in accordance with deliberately laid out and very carefully considered city plans. As with most other ‘planned cities,’ Almere is really orderly, things seem to fall in place naturally, and its amenities seem to be adequate. Almere is quite close to Amsterdam, and it indeed seems to have been designed as a ‘dormitory town’ for the city of Amsterdam.of Amsterdam.

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