Getting around in Almere

To get around Almere, you can use the bus or the train but you can also cycle or simply walk.

The good thing with using the bus to get around Almere is that this is one of those cities where special lanes have actually been set aside to be used by buses. So the buses move freely. Pretty much every part of Almere is served by a bus line: this being a city that enjoys the service of some 10 bus lines. More buses come into circulation during the rush hours, and the whole public transportation system in Almere is really in a class of its own with respect to efficiency.

Bicycles too move freely in Almere, and cycling around here is a real joy: thanks to the fact that Almere, like most Netherlands cities has separate, well designed and well looked after bicycle paths. Again, as is the case with most other Netherlands cities, hiring a bike in Almere is not hard.

You can also walk around Almere. You can still have a taxi move you around Almere – though in this case, you should be ready to part with quite a considerable amount of fare.

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