Main Attractions and Sights in Windhoek

Dive to local history and culture by paying a visit to the National Museum of Namibia. The museum is housed into two different buildings, Alte Feste Museum and nearby Owela Museum. Occupying the former headquarters of the German Schutztruppe, which is actually the city’s oldest building,

Alte Feste focuses on Namibia’s colonial history and the struggle for independence. Furthermore, its yard features an open-air exhibition of train engines and other rail-related machinery.

Owela section, on the other hand, houses fascinating displays on the country’s natural history and culture, exhibits including indigenous crafts and local utensils. For a peek to modern Namibian art head to the National Art Gallery of Namibia. Its permanent collection currently including contemporary artworks by local artists, the gallery is now trying to gather more local pre-independence paintings and sculptures.

One of Windhoek’s popular tourist attractions are the three German Castles from early 20th century. Located close to one another, the castles were built between 1913 and 1917. Schwerinsburg is the oldest and largest out of the three and nowadays serves as the residence of the Italian ambassador. Heinitzburg is the only one that is open to the public since it houses a deluxe hotel and elegant restaurant. Heinitzburg is the smallest and posterior castle, also serving as a privet residence at the time.

The Namibian capital is the perfect place for souvenir shopping, with the best souvenirs being local traditional arts and crafts. A vast variety of colourful textiles, local jewellery, handmade baskets and needlework are available at the Namibia Crafts Centre. Similar goods can also be found at Penduka, which is operated by a non-profit organization and offers fair prices to the local women who create the crafts. However, the widest variety in local crafts is housed in Old Breweries Craft Market. Featuring several different stores, this market presents all kinds of African artworks and crafts. Another interesting choice for shopping is Post Street Mall, which is located right at the heart of Windhoek’s commercial district and offers pretty much anything from local delicacies to crafts to clothing!

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