Main Attractions and Sights in Tangier

Tangier’s medina is the city’s most visited area, due to both its picturesque alleys and souks (local bazaars) and the many attractions within its grounds. The most popular entrance to the walled medina is from Grand Socco, a lively square.

Within the old quarter you will also find a smaller square, known as Petit Socco, which was once the spot light for local prostitutes and drug dealers but has today evolved into a busy tourist attraction.

By the Petit Socco stands Tangier’s Grand Mosque. Built over the remains of an ancient Roman temple and a posterior Portuguese church, the mosque is worth a quick visit. Then walk your way through the picturesque backstreets of the medina to reach the Tangier American Legation Museum. The only US National Landmark outside the US, the museum houses a superb collection of paintings showing images of the city. An amazing collection of photographs presenting Tangier during 19th and 20th centuries is also available at Musee de la Fondation Lorin. Tangier’s medina also hides the tomb of Ibn Battura, a world traveller from the 14th century who is actually considered one of the greatest travellers of all times!

Once done with strolling around the souks and lanes of the medina, head to nearby Kasbah, the local citadel and its Arabic fort. Kasbah’s key attraction is Kasbah Museum, which occupies the former palace of the sultan, also known as Dar el-Makhzen. Surrounded by lovely gardens, the museum features interesting exhibitions on local art, from Phoenician artefacts to modern artworks.

Take a break from sightseeing to spend some moments of peace at Mendoubia Gardens. Located across Grand Socco and opposite to the medina, the gardens are a great place to see some of the city’s finest colonial architecture, as we as stroll for people-watching as many locals come here to spend the afternoon with their families. Not far from the park, and close to Grand Socco, stands St Andrew’s Church. Dating back to the end of 19th century, the interior of the church is elegantly decorated in Moorish design, also featuring some lines from the Koran. Every Thursday and Sunday morning women from Rif Mountains gather outside St Andrew to sell homemade dairies and other local goods.

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