Main Attractions and Sights in Putrajaya

Perdana Putra. This spectacular building complex located on the main hill in the city is home to the executive arm of Malaysia’s government and the office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. If you are planning a tour around Putrajaya, this will be the best place to start since it is the point of reference for finding most of the city’s attractions.

Putra Mosque
Also known as Masjid Putra, this principal mosque in the city was completed in 1999. It is situated right beside the Perdana Putra and the Putrajaya Lake.

Putrajaya Independence Square
This city square is situated right across the Perdana Putra and the site of various festivals and parades which are usually conducted during public holidays.

Putra Bridge
This is the primary artery of the city and had been likened to the Khaju Bridge in Iran. Spanning 435 meters, the Putra Bridge connects the Government and Mixed Development Precincts as well as the Putra Square and the city’s Boulevard. The bridge is composed of three levels with each level assigned for the monorail, vehicles and pedestrians.

Millennium Monument
This is the city’s own version of the Washington Monument in Washington, DC. Considered to be the national monument of Putrajaya, the Millennium Monument is a metal obelisk that stands 68 meters tall and is located within a 25-hectare park situated in Precinct 2. The etchings adorning the monument depict key moments and events of Malaysia’s history.

Putrajaya Lake
This 650-hectare man-made lake was developed to serve as a cooling system for the city. It has now become a prime spot for various water sporting events including the F1 Powerboat Championship and the Asian Canoeing Championships.

Alamanda Putrajaya
No city would be complete without a world-class shopping mall. The Alamanda Putrajaya is the first shopping complex constructed in the city that offers a variety of shops, restaurants, bowling alleys, movie theaters and a food court. It also features a travelator which provides direct access from the parking lots to the retail stories.

Hibiscus Garden
A fitting tribute to the country’s national flower, the hibiscus garden is where you will be able to find about 2,000 various hibiscus plants where the avid nature lover can escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Just remember that there are not that many forms of public transportation available in Putrajaya, making it difficult to go around, unless you have rented a car during your stay. So if you do plan on visiting, it would be a good idea to contact KL Central for organized tour packages to the city instead of going on your own.

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