Main Attractions and Sights in Kota Bahru

The Royal Museum is a massive blue-and-white building that was built in 1939 and served as the palace of the Crowned Prince from 1969 until the time that it was donated to the State of Kelantan.

It is commonly referred to as the “Istana Bata”, which is Malay for “the Brick Palace.” Previously used as a venue for royal weddings and gatherings, the Royal Museum is now home to a variety of royal arts, artifacts and other historical relics which were the property of the former sultans who have governed the state.

Gelanggang Seni
This is must for every traveler visiting Kota Bahru. The Gelanggang Seni, or Cultural Center, would give you a taste to Kelantan’s rich cultural heritage through its different exhibits and shows. Some of those featured are popular folk arts and pastimes such as top spinning (Gasing), kite flying (Wau), shadow puppet shows (Wayang Kulit) and Silat, Malaysia’s traditional form of martial arts. It also showcases a number of exhibits on Malaysian architecture, ceramics and silk weaving.

Central Market
The well-famous Central Market of Kota Bharu is perhaps one of the most colorful and active sites in the whole of Malaysia. The Central Market is situated within a modern octagon-shaped building. Here, stall-holders and locals barter and trade among the rows of a variety of produce, batik dresses and jewelry.

State Museum. The State Museum, located next to the Tourist Information Center, holds a collection of a wide array of artifacts, craftsmanship, paintings photography and a collection of porcelain from the Ming and Qing dynasties in China. The museum also hosts a number of art nostalgic exhibits which celebrate the village life.

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